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Pizzastock 3.5 - Battle of the Bands - Videos

New videos from participating members Stepping Stones, and ultimate winners Crescendo's Gate.  See them here!


Pizzastock 3.5 - Battle of the Bands - RESULTS!

Congratulations to Crescendo's Gate for winning Pizzastock 3.5 Battle of the Bands! With Stepping Stones and In Debt putting in super strong performances, it wasn't an easy win.  Hats off to all the bands for putting on an impressive show.

Go to the Gallery to see photos (courtesy of Doug Rathburn Photography) of the event.

Pizzastock was launched in 2017 as a way for the Flood family to connect with local youth and honor the memory of Jason Flood. Jason was a Pinkerton Academy graduate, musician, and athlete who lost his battle with depression and passed away by suicide in 2016.

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