Two Major Events on the Horizon!

"Healing Through Music, Connecting with Community" and Pizzastock 5.5

Continuing with our community events we will be having two upcoming live music performances.

"Healing Through Music, Connecting with Community" —  November 11 at the Derry Opera House, 7:00 PM. The Music Story of Pizzastock! Gather together and learn about "Pizzastock" the memories, the music, the movement. What started as a way for a group of kids to remember and celebrate a friend who died by suicide has evolved and now provides a safe place for area youth, parents, and community to discuss mental health and suicide prevention. Presented by The Derry Opera House and The Greater Derry Arts Council, Publics Arts Committee.

Pizzastock 5.5 — Our annual Battle of the Bands featuring: Rock Bottom, The Second To Last Minute and Castle Island. January 2, 2022 matinee show at the legendary Tupelo Music Hall. Ticket information soon.

Monthly Open Mic Night

Join us every last Friday of each month at The Coffee Factory in Derry. Sign ups 6:30
Show 7 - 9.

CurbSide Comedy

Comedians Connor Kwiecien and Trevor Gassman are part of the Pizzastock family, having hosted Pizzastock 4 and other events.  Together they have created Curbside Comedy, a series of outdoor pop-up comedy shows. They developed the concept in part to keep their comedy skills sharp until they can return to the New York comedy scene, and also to serve the community during the pandemic. You can book a show on their website: